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Main Technical Features:

1. The beam spot diameter is finer, the forming precision is higher, and it’s more suitable for the forming of trabecular structure implants;

2. The forming parts can be separated directly from the bottom plate without linear cutting, effectively avoiding secondary pollution;

3. Increase active cooling, 30% faster cooling speed and quickly improve productivity;

4. Especially suitable for high-quality forming of TC4, CoCrMo, Ta and other active medical materials with high melting point;

5. Standard TC4 forming process package, CoCrMo and Ta forming process package are optional.


Main Technical Parameters:

1. Electron beam gun acceleration voltage: 0 ~ 60kV; Maximum power 3kW; Spot diameter ≤0.2mm;

2. Ultimate vacuum degree of forming chamber: 5× 10-3pa;

3. Powder coating thickness: Adjustable from 20 to 200 nm;

4. The maximum size of forming part: 150×150×180mm;

5. Personalized customization and quick response ability;

6. Precision of parts: ≤±0.3mm;

7. Forming materials: titanium alloy, cobalt chromium, tantalum, titanium tantalum alloy, etc.