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Target groups:

Scientific research, experiment, development and production of high-quality spherical metal powder in universities and research institutes (especially suitable for the development of new materials)

Main advantages:

1. The working speed is greatly increased, and higher yield of fine powder;

2. Powder sphericity reaches above 95%;

3. The working environment is under Ar or He inert atmosphere, especially suitable for the development of Ti, Ni, Co, stainless steel, refractory metal and other alloy powders;

4. The whole process of powdering is non-contact which can ensure high powder purity and lower impurity content;

5. Occupied area is 4m×3m with simple installation conditions;

6. Simple and professional interface design;

7. Process technology and personnel training system are perfect;

Basic principle:

Consumable electrode made of metal or alloy, whose end surface is heated by plasma arc to melt into liquid, and the liquid is ejected and crushed into fine droplets by the centrifugal force of high-speed rotation of the electrode. The droplets eventually form a spherical powder under the action of surface tension in the condensation process.

Technics Characteristics:

Narrow particle size range; The powder particle surface is smooth and clean; less hollow powder and satellite powder, less gas inclusion, high powder quality, very suitable for spraying, hot isostatic pressing(HIP) and 3D printing etc.


To produce nickel base superalloy powder, titanium alloy powder, stainless steel powder and refractory metal powder.


SLPA-D Desktop Plasma Rotating Electrode Atomizing Powder(PREP) system for scientific research.

Equipment Characteristics:

The working speed is greatly increased, the powder sphericity has reached more than 95%, and the yield of fine powder has been significantly increased. The working environment of powder milling is under Ar or He inert atmospheres. The oxygen increment of active metals such as titanium alloy is controlled within 100ppm, while the oxygen increment of metals such as high-temperature alloys can reach 50ppm.The equipment only  occupies 4m×3m, greatly reducing the requirements for installation conditions. The simple and professional operation interface design enables users to operate more conveniently. Users can develop new alloy powder according to their own needs, which is especially suitable for universities, scientific research institutions and other units for the trial production of new material system powder and the development and production of small-batch, multi-variety high-quality spherical metal/alloy powder.

Technical Parameters:

1.       Powder types: Ti, Ni, Co, stainless steel and refractory alloy;

2.       Maximum working speed: 50000rpm;

3.       Electrode rod diameter: φ20~30mm;

4.       Powder sphericity: ≥95%;

5.       Powder size distribution: d50≦43µm(IN718);

6.       Oxygen increment: ≦100ppm (titanium alloy);

7.       Installed power: ~ 120kW;

8.  Small size: 4×3×2.5m.