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Main Technical Features:

1. High energy density, vacuum environment;

2. Fast preheating, the temperature can reach above 1300℃;

3. Equipped with two specifications forming chamber to meet different needs of scientific research and production;
4. Real-time video monitoring system, real-time monitoring of the forming process;

5. Open source process, real-time adjustable process parameters, convenient and fast development of new material system;

6. Particularly suitable for high-quality forming of high melting point, active (titanium alloy), brittle and difficult to process metal material components.

Main Technical Parameters:

1.       Electron beam gun acceleration voltage 0 ~ 60kV;Maximum power 3kW;Spot diameter ≤0.3mm;

2.       Ultimate vacuum degree of forming chamber: 5× 10-3pa;

3.       Powder coating thickness: adjustable from 35 to 200 m;

4.       Maximum preheating temperature 1300℃;

5.       Powder replacement is simple and can be completed within 2 hours;

6.       The forming chamber can be replaced; The size of the maximum forming part is: 200×200×200mm, and the size of the maximum forming part for the smallest forming chamber is 100×100×100mm which can meet the different demands of scientific research and production;

7.       Video monitoring system and temperature field measurement, real-time monitoring of the forming process, to ensure the forming quality;

8.       Precision of parts: ≤±0.3mm;

9.       Forming materials: titanium alloy, titanium aluminum, stainless steel, refractory metal, etc.