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Xi'an Sailong metal materials Co., Ltd. which is owned by northwest institute for non-ferrous metal research, is based on research achievements of the state key laboratory of porous metal materials in the high quality titanium alloy powder and electron beam selective melting technology (EBSM). Xi'an Sailong is a professional company which is engaged in direct 3D printing technology of metal parts. Our products include high quality spherical titanium and titanium alloy powder, electron beam selective melting  equipment and near net shaping complex rare metal parts, which could provide products and  technical support for aviation, aerospace, ships, vehicles, biomedical and other fields.

The company took the lead in launching commercial SEBM system in China; Developed a new generation of PREP system for the demand of 3D printing, taking the lead in realizing vertical PREP system in the world. Developed more than 40 kinds of high-quality spherical metal powder, including TiNi, TiTa, TiAl, TiNbZr and CoCrMo. It has developed hundreds of 3D printed complex metal components, provided more than 1,000 pieces of customized orthopedic implant materials to more than 20 authoritative hospitals in China, and also took the lead in the world to realize electron beam 3D printing and clinical application of tantalum implants.

Relying on the platform of the state key laboratory of porous metal materials, the company has established the metal 3D printing joint innovation center, and has undertaken more than 30 National and Provincial Science and Technology Projects, such as the Industrial Strong Foundation Project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the SME Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the National Key R&D Project. Applied for more than 60 patents (26 items have been authorized) in the Ministry of Strong Industrial Base Project of 3D printing field, Led the formulation of 5 national and industrial standards, and participated in the formulation of 8 standards, the company is the Council member of China Additive Manufacturing Industry Alliance, the Member of the national technical committee on standardization of additive manufacturing, the Member of additive manufacturing branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, and in 2017 was listed in China's top 100 Additive Manufacturing Investment Value List.

Xi'an Sailong metal materials Co., Ltd. will take "Learning, Innovation, Dedication and Efficiency" as the enterprise spirit, and strive to build the international brand of cutting-edge technology and high-end equipment of powder metallurgy.