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Warm congratulations to Professor Tang Huiping, chairman of the board, for being selected in the fourth batch of nationa

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Recently, the General Office of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee issued the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the List of Selected Persons for the Fourth Batch of National" Ten Thousand People Plan ", and Professor Tang Huiping, Chairman of Xi'an Sialon Metal Materials Co., Ltd. was selected into the National Ten Thousand People Plan- Leader in technology entrepreneurship.

     Professor Tang Huiping is currently the deputy chief engineer of the Northwest Nonferrous Metals Research Institute (Group), the director of the State Key Laboratory of Porous Metal Materials, and the chairman of Xi'an Saillon Metal Materials Co., Ltd. He has long been engaged in the research and engineering of porous metal materials, powder bed electron beam 3D printing technology, and powder metallurgy rare metal materials. He has hosted more than 20 national major scientific and technological projects such as the National Natural Science Fund, the National "973" Program, and the "863" Program. 1 National Technology Invention Second Prize, 1 National Science and Technology Progress Second Prize, 6 Provincial and Ministerial Science and Technology First Prizes, 73 invention patents were authorized, 16 national and industry standards were revised, and SCI papers published 225 I have co-authored 5 monographs. Applying for and preparing for the State Key Laboratory of Porous Metal Materials and Xi'an Sailong Metal Materials Co., Ltd., leading the team to carry out a number of innovative work in 3D printing technology and equipment for porous metal materials and powder bed electron beams, and completed the industrialization of scientific research results The development and opening up of the entire metal 3D printing industry chain has realized completely independent and controllable raw materials, equipment, and processes. The product has served hundreds of enterprises and has achieved significant economic and social benefits.
     The national "Ten Thousand Peoples Plan" is called "National High-level Talents Special Support Plan". It is a major talent project implemented at the national level. The overall goal is to select a batch of natural science, engineering technology and philosophy and social science fields in 10 years. The outstanding talents, leading talents and young top talents will be given special support. In the fourth batch of the National Ten Thousand Talents Plan, 645 leading talents in science and technology innovation, 397 leading talents in science and technology entrepreneurship, and 274 young talents were selected.
     The selection of the leading talents in technology entrepreneurship this time is a high recognition of the technical innovation and industrialization achievements of Chairman Tang Huiping and Sialon Metal in the field of metal 3D printing.