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By the open area in xian lever principle to promote industrial development

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Enterprise development cannot leave the industrial policy support, financial support and improve the occasion by the administrative departments of comprehensive services, often can let a toddler enterprise broken cocoon butterfly lovers, speed up the growth as the backbone of the industry development. In recent years, xi 'an, by the open area with scientific and technological innovation and transformation and upgrading as fulcrum, in industry special funds for leverage, guide support high-quality enterprises bigger and stronger, and then move leading industry development. Clever use of special funds "leverage", by the open area has obtained the "four two dial one thousand jins" effect of industry development.

A group of good projects "overweight" industry development

Recently, by the open area to deliver the special funds for the first batch of 2013 annual support industry development projects, 105 projects for support, arrange special funds of 44.36 million yuan. Among them, the manufacturing