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State councilor Mr. Wang to visit company research

Release Date: 2016/07/21 Visits:3383 FaceBook:

     On April 25, 013, state councilor wang yong jiang jiemin, director of the state-owned assets supervision and administration and accompanied by jin-zhu li, vice governor of shaanxi province and other leaders of the non-ferrous metal research institute, northwest institute headquarters showroom, metal porous materials during a visit to the national key laboratory, wang yong members visited company electron beam line 3d printing complex metal parts production line, listen to the research company to carry out the 3d printing technology achievements transformation and industrialization of working mode, and the company in the electron beam 3d printing technology research and product development to promote the work of progress. Wang yong members encouraged the company personnel to increase strength and pace of achievements, to strengthen the 3 d printing technology research and development and new product development, seize the 3d printing big opportunity of rapid development, rapid application, 3d to play for