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Technical Principle

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Principles of PREP technology:

Under the protection of high-purity inert atmosphere, the high speed rotating electrode is arced and melted. The molten metal is atomized by centrifugal force and condensed into a spherical powder in the inert atmosphere.

Technology Schematic:

      Milling flow chart:


      Principles of SEBM technology:

      The electron beam quickly scans and melts the pre-formed spherical metal powder on the formed base plate according to the planned path. After completing one layer of scanning and melting, the work table is lowered to a certain height and a new layer of powder is laid. The electron beam scans and melts again according to the path. , Layer by layer, complete the manufacture of metal parts fromTwo-dimensional(2-D) to three dimensional(3-D)  transformation. 

EBM System

Basic process of forming

Note: The above two pictures about EBM forming are from the literature: Additive Manufacturing of Metals: The Technology, Materials, Design and  Production.